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Reserve Bank of Australia 2019 Banknotes Report

Reserve Bank of Australia 2019 Banknotes Report

The Reserve Bank is responsible for producing and issuing Australia's banknotes. The Bank seeks to ensure that banknotes in circulation are of high quality and in sufficient volume to meet public demand. Australia has one of the safest and most secure currencies in the world, as reflected in the low level of counterfeiting it experiences. To ensure that this continues to be the case, the Bank researches anti-counterfeiting technologies and developments in banknote design. Based on this work, the Bank has been undertaking a major upgrade of Australia's banknotes, incorporating innovative new security features. Arrangements for storage and distribution of Australia's banknotes have also been upgraded in recent years to allow the Bank readily and cost-effectively to accommodate changing patterns in the demand for banknotes in the community.

By Reserve Bank of Australia | Thursday, October 17, 2019

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